Weather Monitoring

We cannot predict the weather. It shines today, perhaps, tomorrow the rain will pour. Weather Forecasting provides the information needed for us to be conscious and prepared. PAG-ASA, a national organization distributes such information using the cyber world. Such information has been gathered via satellite.

Disaster Risk Reduction, Safety and Management Office is an office that ensures the safety of the administrators, faculty and staffs, students and parents. To obtain such goal, the said office monitors the weather updates, both local and national areas. It keeps also the record of documents regarding to this matter.  This office also is the one where suspended classes due to weather disturbance are being advised.

“Rain or Shine,” no matter what the weather is for today, the office is always ready to serve the College. It may rain outside but the warm inside motivates it to pursue the task.

Earthquake Monitoring

Earthquake happens in our everyday living, it’s just light for us, human being, to feel it. Yet when this phenomenon increases its intensity and magnitude, it causes disaster that would kill hundreds of lives and destroys infrastructures. PHIVOLCS is a national organization that provides updates about the activity of such phenomenon, untiringly spreading information through technological means.

Disaster Risk Reduction, Safety and Management Office takes responsibility of the account of updates about this phenomenon. It ensures the safety of College and all the personnel surrounds it. Hence, it provides instant advisories on regards to this. This phenomenon is not a simple one, once it happens other faces of disasters then to come, such as fire.

“Drop, cover and hold,” – the office drops its hands and ready to serve, cover everyone away from harm and hold on the process of preserving lives. The ground may be shaking, but the office keeps standing to ensure the safety of everybody.

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