External Auditors assess College’s ISO readiness

Auditors from Quick Solve System Network appraised the College’s readiness for ISO through a Pre-assessment Audit on October 27-31 in an on-site inspection of the four campuses.

The visit was made through the initiative of the Director for Quality Assurance and Accreditation, Dr. Norberto Mangulabnan, who is heading the preparations for the College’s efforts for stage 1 certification audit against the requirement of the standard.

The Pre-assessment Audit started with an Opening Meeting attended by the auditees in the various areas to be juxtaposed with particular clauses from the ISO 9001:2008 manual.

The internal auditors of the College served as observers during the visit, and were distributed to cover all the processes to be scrutinized by the ISO auditors Charlie Labrador (lead auditor) and his colleague Paul Mondonedo As per the Opening Meeting presentation; the audit methodology included random sampling, interviews and open discussions.

It also included checking of documents and records, observing of actual implementation, trailing, and note-taking. “Auditors are not your enemies, we are looking for compliance of your management systems against the requirement of the standards,” said Lead Auditor Charlie Labrador.

He further explained that audit findings are evaluated as opportunities for improvement, and these include areas of concern that could escalate into non-conformities.

According to Labrador, suggestions or recommendations of best practices are improvement possibilities for the system, provided that the overall requirements of the standard are met.

The audit began in Talisay Campus on October 28, followed by Fortune Towne on 29, Binalbagan on 30, and Alijis on 31. The audit was closed with a wrap-up meeting and on the last day with the presentation of findings.

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