Degree-granting Units target Outcomes-based Education in full swing by June 2015

The College’s six Degree-granting Units conducted Seminar- Workshops on Outcomes-based Education with focus on curriculum revision, targeting implementation come June 2015.

College of Education kicked off the series last March 21, and the remaining Academic Units were quick to follow suit: College of Industrial Technology on April 16 and 17, College of Fisheries and Criminology on April 21 and 22, School of Arts and Sciences on April 24, College of Business, Management, and Accountancy on May 21 and 22, and Institute of Information Technology on May 22 and 23.

The Chief Resource Speaker Dr. Godelyn Hisole relayed that the Commission on Higher Education’s “Handbook on Typology, Outcomes- based Education, and Institutional Sustainability Assessment 2014” states that the logic (of OBE) is stunningly obvious: say what you want students to be able to do, teach them to do it, and then see if they can, in fact, do it.

Dr. Hisole further added that in “OBEtizing” (a coined term emerging from the movement), Higher Education Institutions “have to have a vision of our products after four years” and “what the students can demonstrate.”

OBEtizing is a complete paradigm shift from teacher-centered to student-centered learning, where the spotlight is panned away from the teachers’ inputs and onto the capability of the students to demonstrate definite outputs.

The faculty members were tasked to revise their course syllabi collegially in compliance with the newly published OBE model in preparation for June 2015.

In “OBEtizing—”, as Dr. Janet Espinosa, then Dean of the College of Education put it, “—we are hitting two birds with one stone. We not only have OBE, but also OSOS (One System, One Standard).”

OBE is a direct response to the Law of Supply and Demand in the Industries, and what the HEIs should be producing are graduates who meet the needs of the Industries, which determine the composition of the human resource demographic.

In shifting to OBE, the College gears up to confront these ubiquitous changes in the educational system to produce CHMSC graduates who grab life by the horns and conquer global employment opportunities head-on.

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