College co-hosts 13th PACUIT National Confab

The College co-hosted the 13th National Conference of the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities of Industrial Technology Inc. on May 20-22 at the Punta Villa Resort, Arevalo, Iloilo City.

The 13th PACUIT National Conference co-hosts were West Visayas State University and Western Visayas College of Science and Technology (recently upgraded to university status as Iloilo Science and Technology University).

Incumbent upon Industrial Technology schools is the constant transfer of knowledge and technology to the community for application in the various fields of industry.

The theme of this year’s National Conference directly addresses that social responsibility as it advocates “Innovation: From Development to Commercialization”, which pursues the consistent adoption of best practices and peruses the current issues on patents, trademarks, and public consumption of new technologies birthed through the research of the education sector.

The National Conference consisted of two major components: (1) presentation and discussion of the different topics or themes derived from the major theme and (2) presentation of research outputs and effective practices in line with Industrial Technology and training.

CHMSC was represented by its eight-man delegation composed of Industrial Tech veterans College President Dr. Renato Sorolla, Professor Emeritus Dr. Renato Salmingo, College of Industrial Technology Dean Dr. Antonio Deraja, and Dr. Edwin Bugna and new bloods Mr. Richard Pabelona, Engr. Kristine Elefan, Mr. Arlou June Gomez, and Engr. Rene Salmingo.

College President Dr. Renato Sorolla imparted his expertise as the Resource Speaker for “Innovation and Emerging Technologies as Drivers in the New Economy Created by ASEAN Integration.”

As a timely response to the advent of ASEAN Integration and the influx of digital age natives in the generation of students in today’s colleges and universities, CHMSC is consistent in harnessing the experience and wisdom of senior faculty and honing the fresh perspectives and talents of new bloods to ensure that the curricula are relevant and that the College stays ahead of inevitable changes.

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