College sets sight on PRIME–HRM awards

Atty. Erna Elizan, Director of the Civil Service Commission Field Office, Negros Occidental conducted an orientation on the Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management last September 18 at the Talisay Audio-Visual Room.

The College articulated its goal to achieve either the Center for Excellence in HRM or the Seal of Excellence in HRM, and also to retain the Accredited Status and continual improvement of the organizational systems and operations.

According to the CSC Memorandum Circular No. 3, s. 2012, Accredited Status means that as an agency satisfactorily implementing CSC HR management systems or programs, the College is granted Authority to take final action on appointments.

The goal Center for Excellence in HRM is given by the CSC to agencies with best practices in some or all human resource management areas, while the Seal of Excellence in HRM is the highest recognition given to institutions who played a pivotal role in the development or innovation of three or more HR areas.

The HRMO will be appraised on two levels: Maturity and Competency, where the former progresses through transactional, process- defined, integrated, and strategic, while the latter develops from basic, intermediate, advanced, and superior.

The HRMO set targets for each of the four systems for which it primarily functions: Recruitment, Placement and Selection System, Learning and Development System, Performance Management System, and Rewards and Recognition System.

For Recruitment, Placement and Selection, the Maturity target is Level 3 (Integrated) and the Competency target is Level 2 (Intermediate).

In Learning and Development, the Maturity target is Level 2 (Process-defined) and the Competency target is also Level 2 (Intermediate).

The Performance Management target stands at Level 3 (Integrated) for Maturity and the Level 4 (Superior) Competency must be maintained.

Finally, for Rewards and Recognition, Maturity Level 3 (Integrated) and Competency Level 3 (Advanced) must be achieved.

The HRMO saddles up to reach its targets despite the temporary absence of a director; in the mean time, it is headed by Mrs. Rebecca Gegantoni, HRMO Officer-in-Charge.

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