Grad School, HRM succeed in bid for level one accreditation

Five graduate school programs and the Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management were awarded Level 1 Accredited Status by the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines, effective December 16, 2015 to December 15, 2018.

Alongside BS HRM, the newly accredited graduate school programs are Master in Public Administration, Master in Technology Management, Master of Arts in Teaching, EdD in Educational Management, and PhD in Technology Management.

Formal Survey of the programs was undertaken last November 30 to December 2 at the Talisay Campus, with assigned faculty counterparts readily addressing the queries of the accreditors and retrieving the required documents stat.

As of press time, the College has 25 programs accredited at Level 1, following the successful accreditation in all four campuses this academic year 2015.

The Quality Assurance and Accreditation Office under the direction of Dr. Norberto Mangulabnan is steadfast in its efforts to get all 33 degree programs accredited by 2017.

Energy Department turns over 1M fund for auto-LPG courses

The Department of Energy turned over one million pesos for Training and Laboratory facilities and information, education and communication materials for alternative fuels on December 4 at the Talisay Campus.

The 1M fund transfer is dedicated to the study of the conversion of regular engines running on fossil fuels to run on liquified petroleum gas, which has become en vogue ensuing from the gradual depletion of fossil fuel supply in recent years.

Auto-LPG, while en vogue, also received much controversy, but the Supervising Science Research Specialist Federico Domingo said this in its defense, “If we follow the standards, there will be no leaks in the LPG conversion.”

Although auto-LPG has been around since the 1970s, at present it is just relatively new in the market, and as fossil fuels are finite and will one day be depleted completely, the research direction of the DOE has veered towards alternative fuels that can be mainstreamed in the future.

Capacity Building completes second year

Capacity Building for Beginning Teachers completed its second year of implementation this 2015, with three different modules on Mentoring the Beginning Teachers, Evaluation of Learning, and Teaching Methodologies and Pedagogies.

CBBT 2015 began with module one on October 26 and 27 at the Alijis Campus, continued with module two on November 26 and 27, and ended with module three on December 8 and December 9, with the latter two held in the Talisay Campus.

Graduating students of Bachelor of Technology Teacher Education were invited to sit-in during the module one sessions, and it proved insightful for both the teachers and the students.

It was revealed in the session that students expect more than just canned lectures from their instructors—they actually expect innovation in the activities, as well as relevance in their lessons.

The newbie teachers especially had fun when they were made to do tasks that they would also normally give their students such as leadership discussions and collaborative group work.

Other topics brought trends to the fore such as Outcomes-based Education, various assessment techniques, emerging technologies, and asynchronous and blended learning.

CBBT was designed to equip and enrich the capacities of the new teachers to aid them in transforming their 21st century classrooms into environments conducive for digital native students to thrive.

CBBT 2015 is the continued fruition of College President Dr. Renato Sorolla’s action plan following his international training at the Australia Awards Fellowship at Queensland University of Technology back in 2014.

Faculty trustee ends term

Outgoing Faculty Association President Dr. Elvie Samson received a plaque of appreciation for her invaluable services during her term as faculty trustee, awarded during the Board of Trustees meeting once again hosted by the College last October 22.

Trustee Samson is succeeded by recently elected Faculty Association President Engr. Juan Geronimo Narazo who was also present during the BOT meeting to ensure a smooth turning over of the mandate and the responsibilities of the faculty trustee to represent the interests of the teachers in the decision making process at the highest level.

Auditors take ISO refresher

Dr. Norberto Mangulabnan, Director of Quality Assurance and Accreditation, conducted the Calibration of Audit Skills Training for International Organization for Standardization 9001:2008 Internal Quality Audit last November 16 to 17 at the Buenos Aires Resort, Bago City.

The QAA director stressed that ISO compliance entails proper recording or making documents readily available for retrieval, and he further emphasized to the participants, “Take ownership of the responsibility.”

The ISO refresher was held in preparation for the College’s bid to acquire ISO certification by 2016 and the internal quality auditors will make rounds in the campuses once more to conduct Internal Audit as a requirement for Stage 1: On-site Visit by Certifying Body in due time.

The director conducted the re-orientation and reminded the internal quality auditors to always check if documents are signed and approved.

Further he added that IQAs will also be audited and that consistency must be established before an audit judgment is issued. The director added that data must not only be presented but analyzed and then given follow up action.

The 24 internal auditors fielded from all four campuses are expected to conduct a thorough sweep of the systems at work within the College so that problems may be brought to light and solved promptly.

Internal Audit is likely to ensue anytime in the first half of 2016, with Dr. Mangulabnan again at its fore.

PME holds dual workshop

The Office of Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation held a dual purpose Seminar-Workshop on Action Planning and Office Performance and Commitment Review Making last November 18-20 at the Mambukal Mountain Resort, Murcia, Negros Occidental.

The three-day seminar-workshop was designed precisely to ensure that the participants were away from the humdrum of routine and isolated in the peaceful venue highly conducive for critical thinking and synthesizing action plans and OPCRs.

Instruction, Research and Extension, and Administration were the three cornerstones on which the participants hinged their targets for the five-year development plan for 2015-2019.

On closer scrutiny, some targets from the previous development plan had to be reviewed and reconsidered to ensure that they are realistic when set against emerging trends and policies of government.

Latest civil engineers rave proudly in testimonial rites

“(On CHMSC:) Bakod kag barato! (Awesome and affordable!)” opened Engr. Panfilo Nicor, Jr. as he delivered his inspirational testimony of his life as a civil engineering student and more recently as a board exam passer. “The struggle was REALLY real!” he quipped.

His and other stories of triumph over poverty and other setbacks in life were the staple narrative at the Civil Engineering Thanksgiving Celebration held on December 17 at the Bacolod SMX Convention Center.

The stunning gala was held in honor of the 22 new civil engineers who gave the College an 88 percent passing rate, well above the national 41.50 percent.

Other than the new engineers themselves, the spotlight was also on their proud parents who sat alongside them as they received praises after praises the entire night.

The night was laced with a touch of sadness when the engineers remembered their three batchmates who did not make it this time.

Nonetheless, characteristic of the celebration of the Civil Engineering Department was their faith and solidarity, exhibited in their communal prayer life and testimonies of faith despite challenges that confronted them on the road to passing the CE Board Exam.

The new engineers were likewise rewarded with cash incentives amounting to 5,000 pesos each for performing well as a high-yield course of the College.

Though the CE Department fell slightly short of breaking their four-year 100 percent record, they remain optimistic that the batch will become productive members of the labor force and help build the backbone of society with quality infrastructure.

Teary-eyed Engr. Genevieve Ramos encouraged her friends and batchmates to try again and hopefully make it the second time around, and also challenged the succeeding batch to bring back the glory of the 100 percent passing rate that has set apart CHMSC CE over the years.

New CPAs laud College in touching testimonials

“Because you helped me, I will also make it my advocacy to help others,” vowed tearful Ronel Solis, one of the twelve new Certified Public Accountants produced by the Fortune Towne Campus.

The CPA Testimonial Rites and Recognition Program were conducted last November 27 at the Alfredo Montelibano Activity Center of the FT Campus.

The twelve new CPAs are part of the pioneer batch who graduated from the five-year curriculum and they collectively gave the College a 44.44 percent passing rate which is slightly higher than that of the national 41.06 percent for one of toughest board exams in the country.

Many stories were exchanged during the course of the rites that illustrated how the College supported its examinees, including how the College accountant Mr. Jerry Gumata, who also teaches part-time, personally traveled to Iloilo to check how the examinees were doing and to deliver the financial assistance allocated by the school as support.

The audience stirred in their seats, holding back tears while listening to the success stories of the new accountants who predominantly came from impoverished families yet persevered despite their trials.

One of the accountants recounted how she was sick all throughout the review and even wondered if she would make it, but in the end she exclaimed, “Faith saved me!”

The College once again has proven instrumental in transforming the lives of its graduates, giving them a fighting chance in life.

Teacher Ed talks ethics

The College of Education conducted a Seminar Workshop on the Do’s and Don’ts: Ethical Leadership for Higher Education Institutions on October 29 at the Talisay Campus Audio-Visual Room.

College President Dr. Renato Sorolla graced the event as the resource speaker, tackling issues on the emerging trends in culture and behavior in the workplace as a result of globalization.

He discussed managers as intermediaries between the top and the bottom line, where the former are the executives in an institution and the latter are rank-and-file employees, ensuring that the mission statement is actively pursued and the organization advances in its preferred direction.

According to Dr. Sorolla, dual relationships must be avoided so that supervision does not become complicated. Dual Relationships may be defined as the blurring of lines between the professional side and the personal side of the leader in question.

For example, he posited the following Don’ts: supervising former or current clients, sharing personal feelings and asking for consultation, attending social activities that impair objectivity, and making comments that could be misconstrued as romantic or worse as sexual.

In contrast, he also undescored “envision, energize, and enable” as three Do’s in ethical leadership, where envision means creating a picture of where the

institution is going; energize means obtaining willingness, cooperation, loyalty, and respect of the community; and enable means capability building and discovering potentials in more creative ways.

Soc Sci hosts series on people and government

The Third Year Bachelor of Arts in Social Science students held the Series of Talks on People and Government in Action on October 6 at the Talisay Campus Gymnasium.

The keynote speaker was Congresswoman Leonor Robredo who stressed, “No entitlement. Be uncomfortable with perks,” to emphasize that public servants must seek to maintain simple lives to be able to relate with the struggles of the constituents they serve.

Mrs. Mia Gatilogo, Program Manager of the Department of Interior and Local Government, Bacolod, also spoke about the DILG’s role and function in society, while Mr. Severino Pacete, Silay City Tourism Officer, talked about how to be an effective public servant.

Talisay City Mayor Eric Saratan was also slated to culminate the symposium with the topic of Good Governance in the 21st Century.

The symposium was realized under the supervision of Ms. Christine Thel Geollegue, Mr. Sharewin Sapi-an, and Mrs. Lovelyn Granfiel, Social Science Instructors.

Collegial leadership celebrated in FT, Alijis Campus Turnover Rites

“From nothing, we built this campus. What kept us going was our love for the poor,” said a solemn Prof. Maria Isabel Tubera, outgoing Executive Director of the Fortune Towne Campus at the Turnover Ceremony held last November 2 at the Audio-visual Room.

The ceremony doubled as an installation and introduction of the new Executive Director Prof. Jose Rabbi Malaga to the stakeholders of the campus, including the administrative staff, teaching faculty, and students.

The Fortune Towne Campus is now entrusted to the care of the newly installed director, with the prospect of continuity of current and planned projects reflected in the campus development plan.

Prof. Tubera recounted her time as the executive director—a synthesis of sometimes tumultuous and serene memories—“Disagreements produce a lot of good ideas,” she concluded.

Meanwhile, another Turnover Ceremony was held earlier for the Alijis Campus on October 29 at their campus Audio-visual Room.

Incoming Executive Director Dr. Mary Ann Dolor assumed the leadership from outgoing Executive Director Engr. Albert Joseph Gonzalo Monge who only had kind words to say of his campus.

“The cooperation in this campus is noteworthy,” Engr. Monge said. Among the accomplishments during his term were the acquisition by donation of two classroom buildings from the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and the Bronze and the Silver Seal of Good Environmental Governance from the Provincial Environmental Management Office in 2014 and 2015, respectively.

Likewise, the deanship of the Institute of Information Technology was turned over to Dr. Manuel Uy from Engr. Ronald John Sayson, whose major accomplishments include the initiation of the offering of Graduate School programs in their campus and the revival and revitalization of the Bachelor of Technology Teacher Education program.

College President, Dr. Renato Sorolla had this to say of his outgoing designees, “It is high time for us to appreciate the four years of hardwork of Engr. Monge and Engr. Sayson.”

With plans of converting the Alijis Campus into an Information Technology and Engineering College in the future, the president challenged the new executive director and the new dean, “Aim to be the first choice of students in Bacolod City.”

Student athletes bare grit, College lands 4th in RSCUAA

The College finished fourth in the Regional State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association Region Six Olympics last December 18 to 23 at Roxas City, Capiz, retaining the same spot on the rankings that it also held in 2014.

For the men’s division, the CHMSCians yielded 14 gold, 29 silver, and 28 bronze medals, while in the women’s division, 15 gold, 17 silver, and 35 bronze medals were garnered.

The College got gold overall for Badminton Men and Women, Futsal Women, and Karatedo Women, and would have represented the region in the nationals.

However, in an update, Dr. Roselyn Alegarbes, college-wide Sports Coordinator, informed the College that there will be no NSCUAA Meet 2016 and that it will resume in 2017.

CHMSCians participate in Culture, Arts Festival

CHMSCian student artists and academics participated in the Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges Region Six Culture and the Arts Festival staged last November 3 to 6 at Roxas City, Capiz.

The College’s delegates earned an accumulated 118.3 points in 21 artistic and academic events—garnering silver in Instrumental Solo, Indigenous Dance, and Contemporary Dance, while getting bronze in Sanaysay, Short Play, On-the-spot Painting, and Folk Dance.

Meanwhile, the College also won big in the pageant department with the Mr. PASUC VI title being bagged by Richard Samuel Sioson, a Civil Engineering student, while Rea Baguinaon, a Hotel and Restaurant Management student, won the honor of being Ms. SCUAA VI.

Both pageant winners are veterans in the scene and have brought honor to the College several times in the past as well.

The students were supported by the faculty coaches, with the consistent supervision of the cultural coordinator Ma. Rowena Tuscano.

College hosts PASUC Six Regional Extension Confab

The Extension and Community Services Office, headed by its director Dr. Denesa Lamique, hosted the Training-Workshop on Project Proposal Preparation and 6th Regional Extension Symposium of the Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges Region Six last October 28 to 30 at the Nature’s Village Resort, Talisay City.

Dr. Joel Limson, Chairperson of the PASUC VI Extension Managers’ Council Inc., opened the confab sharing, “Sometimes our proposals are not funded because they are not aligned with the funding institution.”

He also said that proposals are simply “an offer to solve a particular problem” and to that end, the EMC organized the symposium to help the extensionists in region six write better proposals worthy of funding and execution. “A good proposal emanates from a good identification of a problem,” he added.

CHMSC’s extension office was delegated by the EMC the authority to organize the dual purpose event which was attended by approximately 90 extensionists from 10 state universities and colleges in region six.

Aside from the proposal worskshop, the best extension practices were also highlighted and featured along with the winning posters.

Cultural Show draws out talents from faculty, staff

In celebration of the holiday season, the Cultural Presentation and Thanksgiving Fellowship was held on December 16 at the Talisay Campus Gymnasium, with the theme “Uniting the World in a Season of Joy”.

The College was divided into competing teams according to the degree-granting units and the GASS or General Administrative and Support Services personnel were rolled into one team.

Every team was assigned a continent whose holiday traditions they portrayed in a cultural presentation as creatively as they could.

First place was bagged by the GASS personnel, followed by the Institute of Information Technology (Alijis Campus) in second place, and the College of Business, Management, and Accountancy (Fortune Towne Campus) in third place. Non-winning units were rewarded with claps and cheers for their valiant efforts at making the show a success.

Prior to the presentations, Dr. Frances Mae Llamas from the University of St. La Salle was tasked to give an academic talk which she summarized in a popular pun, “Shift happens!” to illustrate how institutions must rise to the occasion of change especially in this highly technologically driven society.

Interspersed with the cultural presentations, raffle items were also given away as prizes to encourage some holiday cheery spirit.

AACCUP subjects remaining programs to pre-survey visit

Three programs were subjected to Preliminary Survey Visit by the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines last December 14 to 17 at the Alijis and Fortune Campuses.

BS in Information Systems and Bachelor of Technology Teacher Education in the Alijis Campus, and BS in Business Administration major in Financial Management in the Fortune Campus were previously granted the Candidate Status effective January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2017.

The three programs await schedule for Formal Survey Visit after a positive undertaking of the pre-survey by the AACCUP.

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