College launches Declaration of Commitment to Blended Learning

The Declaration of Commitment to Blended Learning was launched on February 12 at the Talisay Campus Audio-visual Room.

World-renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology defines blended learning as “structured opportunities to learn, which use more than one learning or training method, inside  or outside the classroom”.

Operationally, the College will use blended learning to enhance its graduate school instruction through the use of webbased materials accessible anytime, anywhere.

Information and Communication Technology Director Dr. Krislan Ong explained that the ICT department will design and digitize the materials submitted by the faculty for conversion into the blended learning platform.

The initiative was made possible through collaborative efforts with Colombo Plan Staff College, with whom the College signed a Memorandum of Understanding last February 2, crystallizing the partnership.

The CPSC will aid the College by providing skills transfer and training in the creation of multimedia materials above the usual PowerPoint® or audio-visual presentations.

For a start, the faculty tried image manipulation using Photoshop® with the guidance of CPSC ICT Coordinator Felix Sibal who pushed the teachers in their graphic attempts.

Executive Director Atty. Jocelle Batapa-Sigue of Bacolod-Negros Occidental Federation for Information and Communications Technology Inc. graced the declaration and lauded the College for being the first and currently the only higher education institution in Negros with such initiative towards ICT.

“Schools have been taking pride in their students going abroad, but I like it better when they stay,” Batapa-Sigue remarked.

She further urged in closing, “Retool and empower the teachers in the upscale for these industries. 14,000 students (of CHMSC) will be benefited by what you’re doing today. Embrace innovation!”

The College will award the first 10 module authors with a certificate of recognition and 25,000 cash incentive.

Alijis launches MRF, sparks bigger vision

“How do you teach? You show!” suggested Provincial Environmental Management Office head Atty. Wilfred Ramon Peñalosa at the launching of the Upgraded Materials Recovery Facility on March 1 at the Alijis Campus.

The PEMO head was openly proud of the Alijis Campus for living up to its Seal of Good Environmental Governance awarded in June last year.

He said that he will definitely point other schools towards CHMSC when they ask about environmental initiatives because he believes the College has come up with such good practices and has the potential to complete the process from recycling to producing post consumer products, or items made from at least 30 percent used and recycled materials.

The Alijis MRF is a direct response to Republic Act No. 9003 which is “An act providing for an ecological solid waste management program, creating the necessary institutional mechanisms and incentives, declaring certain acts prohibited and providing penalties, appropriating funds therefor, and for other purposes.”

The MRF will be used to sort, process, and store materials according to composition to maximize the possible postconsumer uses for each material type.

Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation Office Director Engr. Jun-jun Marquez juxtaposed the 2015 targets and the actual accomplishments, highlighting the hike in the number of infrastructure completed.

Following immediately, the stakeholders were tasked to examine the needs of their sectors and then raise those to the body for clarification or deliberation.

Concerns did crop up including a questions from several students regarding the order of prioritization for projects.

The administration was quick to clarify the rotation system currently in use, where since 2012, a single campus is given major priority for development before the focus is shifted to another campus the following year.

This way, the admin argued, the funding is concentrated and development is completed thoroughly for each campus in sequence instead of sporadic projects shooting up unfinished on every campus.

Compostables, for instance, may be reused to enrich the soil in the vegetable garden area of the campus or gulayan as a form of organic fertilizer,

whereas the recyclables can be turned into postconsumer paper or plastic that can incorporated into new products which can generate high revenues for the campus.

The launch was nothing short of a full blown celebration of the campus’ efforts for mitigating environmental problems.

The campus also hosted symposia on sustainable development, information dissemination of the role of the MRF, and even selfie contests with the MRF for its students.

DBM on campus: budget talks held

“If the students want another school bus, include it in the budget,” bold words from Edgar Javison, Department of Budget and Management Region 6 Chief Budget Analyst during the consultation with stakeholders held last March 2 at the Talisay Campus Audio-visual room.

The DBM was keen on being inclusive in the budget consultation, taking into account the varied needs of the stakeholders.

Faculty members from the Binalbagan and Alijis Campuses brought their concerns to the fore, citing the dismal state of faculty rooms and the lack of classrooms in their campuses as an appeal to admin to address the concern as soon as possible.

The administration and the DBM were mutually receptive to the concerns which, at certain times, almost peaked into heated discussions as within normal range for dialogs between parties.

DBM noted the proceedings of the consultation and will look into addressing the concerns and issues raised therein.

DOST to field IS grads for new jobs

The Department of Science and Technology–Information and Communication Technology Office agreed to ally with the College in the pursuit of national ICT competency management service.

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding solidified the alliance on March 2 at the Talisay Campus Audio-visual Room full of BS in Information Systems students.

Field Operations Cluster Director Frederick Amores signed on behalf of DOST and shared parts of the department’s vision for ICT in the Philippines.

“I had a difficult job of going around the world and telling them about the opportunities in the Philippines,” the director shared.

He also emphasized that they are trying to decongest Manila and appealed to the BSIS students to stay in Negros and help with the development.

According to Amores, 40,000 ICT jobs will be launched in the countryside and the challenge is not the jobs but finding people to fill those jobs.

This alliance hopes to contribute to the rising ICT industry in Negros by training IS students who are ready and qualified to take on the jobs by the time they graduate.

Admin, faculty talk out issues

The Administration held a meeting with the Faculty on January 29 at the Talisay Gymnasium as an avenue to air out issues and concerns involving the teaching personnel.

The participants were urged to focus on issues and concerns to be addressed and refrain from mentioning particular personalities.

College President Dr. Renato Sorolla in his

Privilege Speech relayed that the Board of Trustees has already perused and accepted with commendation the accomplishment report for fiscal year 2015.

The three vice presidents gave updates on instruction, administration, and research and extension, particularly on the developments in the Green Program which includes the ongoing construction of two green buildings as landmark achievements.

In the open forum that ensued, issues on salary delays and deductions, technology fee suspension, procurement process, going paperless, savings from operations, and the Individual Performance Commitment and Review or IPCR were raised, to name a few.

The Vice-president for Administration and Finance, Dr. Salvador Zaragosa, Jr., was quick to answer most queries by directing the faculty to go back and review the processes in the transactions. He reminded that many of the problems can be solved if every person follows protocol.

Tension rose on some issues and some of them could not be resolved on the spot and were noted

for follow up action with the Administration outside of the meeting.

The meeting ended with a prospect of non-monetary PRAISE incentives, projected to be staged in the form of an awards’ night for exemplary teachers and staff as well, slated for summer of this year.

Fisheries hosts two Korean interns

The Binalbagan Campus College of Fisheries hosted two South Korean nationals for a fifteen-day internship program running from January 18 to February 3.

Giryoung Kim (English name Teddy) and Youngji Kim (English name Yvonne) got in touch with the COF through the Colombo Plan Staff College who tapped the campus to be the service provider for the internship program.

The experience was the immersion component of the two interns studying at the Pukyong National University, South Korea, which is currently partnering with CPSC as well.

On the fisher-folk and fisheries students they worked with, Teddy said, “Even if I am a different national, I felt fellowship with them for we shared the same goals.”

Likewise Yvonne seemed satisfied, “It was a worthwhile experience... We can touch the environment directly.”

She also added that they only had 15 days for their internship so they were very thankful that the COF immersed them in a lot of activities from milkfish deboning to birdwatching to staying in

Danjugan Island.

The interns presented their learnings in the culmination program held on February 2, graced by no less than the CPSC Acting Director-General Prof. Dr. G. Kulanthaivel who was pleased with the results of the internship.

Acting DG gives exclusive lecture

“This is my first time in Negros Occidental and I’m happy the first institution I visit is CHMSC,” opened Prof. Dr. G. Kulanthaivel as he began his professorial lecture last February 2 at the Talisay Campus Audio-visual Room.

The Colombo Plan Staff College Acting Director-General shared his expertise on instructional design and delivery system saying that a culture of excellence and life-long learning should be the goal of developing human resources.

Prior to the lecture, he also signed a Memorandum of Agreement sealing the CPSC and CHMSC’s partnership for the Collaborative Program for Blended Learning.

Bookwriters to rise up following workshops

Book writers and entrepreneurs are expected to rise up and proliferate following the Seminar-Workshop on Research, Entrepreneurship, Patent, and Book Writing held last February 3 to 4 at the Nature’s Village Resort, Talisay City.

College President Dr. Renato Sorolla talked about Social Entreprenuership and challenged the researchers and faculty, “Are we operating really in response to the real world situation?”

The question pushes against the grain of current researches in state chartered institutions that are rarely carried over to extension or patenting, and the goal of the seminar-workshop was to reverse this very trend.

The participants were trained on preparing for refereed research journals, project proposals for funding, patents, and book writing as ways for getting more programs accredited.

In addition to accreditation, performing well in those areas will elevate the quality of the research culture within the College, which is the expected outcome of the workshops.

Dr. Paciente Cordero, Jr. and Dr. Laurentina Calmorin gave their own talks on the benefits of bookwriting, citing that being ‘busy’ never stopped them from making numerous publications throughout their careers.

Officials, scholars shoot promo video

Selected college officials and scholars shot a promotional video with the Island Living Channel on February 18 and March 1 at the Talisay Campus premises, especially highlighting the scholarships avaiable for students.

The promotional video was commissioned to promote the College to the Negrense students so that they do not have to move to Manila or elsewhere to avail of quality and affodable education.

Among the salient features of the shoot was the highlight on the lived experiences of several scholars of the Commission on Higher Education whose schooling were made possible by the grants of free tuition and miscellaneous fees or living allowances to defray everyday expenses incurred while pursuing their degree.

To date, the video has also already aired on the Island Living Channel.

College co-hosts Research Confab

The College co-hosted and served as the chief working committee for the 5th Provincial Multidisciplinary Research Conference held last February 22-23 at the Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod.

As a member of the Association of Colleges and Universities of Negros Occidental, this is the third consecutive year that the College served as one of the prime movers of the conference.

The highlights included two keynote speeches on organic farming and planting Philippine native trees for sustainable development.

“Raise a child, write a book, plant a tree,” said College President Dr. Renato Sorolla as he closed the conference.

Though a tall order, the three challenges can save the environment gradually according to Dr. Sorolla who pioneered the Green CHMSC Movement.

He said that raising a child with environmental conservation in his consciousness is the role of parents and schools.

He added that researchers can also write books to create this awareness and finally plant even just a single endemic or indigenous tree in their back yard to do their part.

Soc Sci beefs up 2nd Quiz Bowl

The Social Science Guild beefed up the 2nd Philippine Quiz Bowl with more challenging questions to tickle the fancy of participating high-schoolers last February 19 at the Talisay Campus Multi-purpose Gym.

The quiz bowl is an extension service of the guild to arouse an interest in social studies and civic affairs in the high school students of Talisay.

Prestige Comprehensive School got first place again, reigning supreme for the second consecutive year.

AB English freshies hold First Film Fest

AB English freshmen gave their best shots in their first attempt at film making, screened last March 22 at the Talisay AVR.

Film making assessed the students’ ability to synthesize all their learnings for the semester into one cohesive project that pushed them to bond together to produce quality output in a limited amount of time.

Instructor Ryan Floyd Sorolla initiated the film fest as a manifestation of outcomes-based education even for AB courses.

Admin convenes faculty, staff GA

Administration convened faculty and staff for a General Assembly last February 23 at the Talisay Campus Multipurpose Gym.

“We are the only SUC with an equation that quantifies the targets and accomplishments,” proudly beamed Dr. Renato Sorolla as he opened his President’s Privilege.

He likewise encouraged the body to write stories that affirm that the institution is doing well with its mandate, through the planned “Call for Stories” to be launched campuswide to invite alumni to share how CHMSC has been instrumental in turning their lives around and improving their standard of living.

The subject of Blended Learning which has just recently been launched was also thoroughly discussed by Information and Communications Technology Director Dr. Krislan Ong who elaborated on the role of the module author as content provider and the ICT’s role of digitizing content into the webbased platform.

Likewise the topic of Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence was also broached and projected to be nonmonetary this year, making it an appreciation night format instead.

Technical specialist Dr. Peth Fudolig and CHED-NIR Interim Director Dr. Freddie Bernal also came and briefly met with the College President and other officials to give an overview of the movements and transitions currently happening in the new region.

He also shared some of his prospective projects for his term as interim director.

College Officials attend CHED-NIR Consultation

Top management headed down south to Zaycoland, Kabankalan City to attend the 1st CHED Consultative Conference with Higher Education Institutions in Negros Island Region held on February 26 with schools from both Occidental and Oriental in attendance.

Monitoring under new CHED-NIR commences

The newly constituted Commission on Higher Education-Negros Island Region interim regional office began its first round of monitoring on February 25 at the Talisay Campus.

The College of Education and the School of Arts and Sciences undertook the first monitoring from the interim agency looking into the programs’ compliance to CHED Memorandum Circulars.

Monitoring was pursued despite it being a holiday in memorial of EDSA Revolution due to the agency being in the start up stage and pressed for time.

Full monitoring routine was done including making rounds to check the state of laboratories and infrastructures, and key personnel interviews were held with directors of front-line service offices such as the registrar, student affairs, accounting and assessment.

CHED supervisors blitzed through the monitoring as thoroughly as they could, working over time to finish before the Consultative Meeting slated for the next day at Kabankalan City, midway between Negros Occidental and Oriental.

Atty. Julito Vitriolo, CHED Central Office Executive Director casted his vision, “It would be nice if one of these world-class universities (in the Philippines) can come from the NIR.”

“Someday we can reclaim our role as the center of education and training in this part of the world,” he added.

New service area friendly to Juana

Talisay Campus formally inaugurated the new Students’ Service Area on March 9, celebrating that the infrastructure is compliant to Gender and Development.

The service area now connects the Library, Science, and Arts Building to the Administration Building seamlessly, providing students protection from heat and rain.

The GAD compliant walkway now serves the needs of all in the gender spectrum, in contrast to the previous muddy ground that disadvantaged women dressed in office skirts or OJT uniforms, especially when it rains and surfaces become slippery.

GAD compliance was one of the focal points for March as Women’s Month.

College welcomes NEDA-NIR guests

The College offered a vacant office area to host the newly designated National Economic and Development Authority-Negros Island Region interim agency.

The NEDA-NIR now occupies an enclosed section of the Records Management Office, located in the second floor of the Administration Building.

The multi-agency meeting for the Roadmap for Addressing the Impact of El Niño, codename RAIN, was held on campus last March 10.

According to NEDA-NIR Interim Director Efren Carreon, “We are all dots in this movement” which was organized in response to the bad effects of El Niño.

He also revealed that the United Nations’ Millenium Development Goals, which were not fully achieved by the deadline 2015, have been replaced by Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved over the next 15 years.

NEDA-NIR and CHMSC work closelly in what can be described as the government-school synergy in the management of the College.

It is also the Green Culture component of the Green CHMSC Movement to lend a hand for harmonious rapport to develop between agencies.

Juana be included! GAD seminar says how

The Office of Gender and Development held a GAD Summit and Seminar-Workshop on Mainstreaming in SUCs Operation and Women Leadership last March 3 to 4 at the Palmas Del Mar Resort Hotel, Bacolod City.

The event opened the monthlong celebration of March as Women’s Month, advocating for the equity of rights between all spectrums of gender.

“Both men and women must benefit from development,” Dr. Renato Sorolla said.

One of the keynote speakers was Chief Administrative Officer for Administration Mrs. Rosalinda Tuvilla who had extensive experience to share from her time as chairperson of GABRIELA Negros, as well as her being instrumental in the apprehension of the perpetrator in the first mail order bride case in the Philippines.

Green Guard go on Eco-Seminar

The Green Guard held an Environmental Education Seminar Program on March 10 to 11 at the Talisay Campus Gym.

The topics were designed to develop smart minds that care for a greener future, pursuant to the Green CHMSC Movement advocated by the College.

The lecturers included the visionary behind the Green CHMSC Movement who is no less than College President Dr. Renato Sorolla himself.

He spoke about why he chose this as the strategic direction for the school to take over the course of his term as president. He revealed that for him the destruction of earth is the problem of all.

Obviously elated, the officers and members of the TABBEA recounted their memories when they were just starting up the association that advances and addresses the needs of the non-teaching personnel.

They also shared how the association has helped them air out their concerns to the administration in a collective manner.

The turnover was culminated with a photo ops to capture the momentous achievement.

College signs MOA to aid K11 in June

The College signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Raphael B. Lacson National High School last March 16 at the Talisay City Multipurpose Gym.

CHMSC promised 25 to 30 classrooms for the exclusive use of the RBL students in case their school buildings are not finished in time for K11 implementation in June.

Succeeding topics included the art and beauty of nature which was accompanied by an exhibition of paintings, anti-graffiti campaign which was a unique study of Dr. Ronora Malaga, environmental ethics by Dr. Eduardo Sayson, and climate issues by Olive Seruelo of the Provincial Environmental Management Office.

GASS personnel get CNA certified

The Turnover Ceremony of the Collective Negotiation Agreement Certificate of Registration was held on March 14 at the Talisay Audio-visual room in the presence of applauding witnesses.

The TABBEA was proud of the CNA being finally official.

Officer-in-charge of the Public Assistance and Liaison Division of the Civil Service Commission Mr. Leo Jamorin shared that employees need to cooperate as strategic partners just as the TABBEA has successfully done.

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