Faculty, staff glam up for first Awards Night

Top performing faculty and staff were lauded for their achievements and contributions to the College last April 7 at the Talisay Campus.

The Recognition and Awarding Ceremony was held in honor of the members of the CHMSC community who have performed exemplary service over the years, above and beyond their minimum job requirements.

The Awards Night was created as a form of non-monetary incentive for those who were identified by their direct supervisors as efficient and effective in doing their jobs and special assignments.

In keeping with the green culture goals of the College, the awardees were publicly named to set a great example and benchmark to other employees and teachers.

They were treated to a sumptuous dinner, fit for good and faithful civil servants.

College president Dr. Renato Sorolla expressed his gratitude to the people who worked excellently to achieve the targets mandated of the school in service to the public.

The awards committee gave out awards for the following categories: loyalty, green program, registered intellectual property, copyrights, instruction, research, extension, production, and other notable exemplary accomplishments.

The retirees were also honored, with four of them having maxed out their government service with the College at 40 years.

Designees, mostly faculty members, were also lauded for juggling the duties of administrator and teacher in the performance of their functions.

Outstanding researchers, extensionists, and producers of income generating projects were likewise awarded accordingly.

Dr. Sorolla also accorded due credit to contract of service workers of the College who have completed special assignments with excellent quality of performance.

The night was marked with welldressed faculty, staff, and top management celebrating the accomplishments over the years with good food and the prospect of performing even better in the years to come./*ARB

Board member Romulo graces Graduation 2016

Board of Trustees member Congressman Roman Romulo graced the joint graduation rites as the commencement speaker last March 31 at the Talisay Campus.

In a candid manner, the solon commiserated with the graduates under the heat of the sun so that his speech “would not take too long”, he quipped.

Congressman Romulo, who comes from a family of statesmen, expressed how proud he is of the Filipino youth who always give back to their parents the honor of graduation./*ARB

Prexi shares vision to visiting ISAT-U retirees

Dr. Renato Sorolla shared the Green CHMSC vision to visiting retirees and former colleagues from the Iloilo Science and Technology University last April 14.

The guests took an opportunity to see the progress of the College as well as some of its best practices.

The guests were also taken for a tour around the administration building./*ARB

Some college officials literally walked the extra mile to the coastal site pegged for the mangrove planting activity last June 8 at the Binalbagan Campus.

The mangrove planting involved the entire campus including contingents from the top management, faculty, general administrative and support staff, and students.

The activity started off with a parade from the campus grounds to the planting site where a short

opening ceremony was held.

College President Dr. Renato Sorolla addressed the contingents from the different sectors including the locals of the community.

Members of the Binalbagan Small Fishers Alliance and the Negros Occidental Small Fishers Alliance joined the college officials shod in boots as they trod the marshy soil to plant one mangrove sapling each—a first for most of them./*ARB

Acad year opens with GAs

General Assemblies were held last June 8 for Binalbagan, June 9 for Alijis and Fortune Towne, and June 10 for Talisay, with the president, vice-presidents, and several directors making rounds in the four campuses.

“Change starts with us,” Binalbagan Campus executive director Dr. Andrew Eusebio Tan quipped, alluding to President Duterte.

In the Binalbagan GA, Dr. Tan commended all the faculty members who graduated from their master’s, doctorate, and National Certification II.

Updates were given on quality assurance and accreditation, with news that all programs will have been visited formally by June 14 to 17.

College president Dr. Renato Sorolla in his speech again pressed for the need for the Institutional Sustainability Assessment as the Commission on Higher Education has urged the College to take the lead as a model for the Negros Island Region.

“I’m sure you will agree that our school has come a long way,” Alijis executive director Dr. Mary Ann Dolor remarked during the Alijis GA.

“We have to finish or we are finished!” Director of Quality Assurance and Accreditation Dr. Norberto Mangulabnan said in jest as he gave some updates on accreditation./*ARB

2,448 graduates march, college diplomas in tow

Commencement Exercises yielded 2,448 graduates from the basic to the graduate curricular programs in a ceremony held last March 31 at the Talisay Campus.

It was a joint ceremony among the Talisay, Alijis, and Fortune Campuses while Binalbagan had a separate one earlier on March 29.

37 graduates came from the two doctorate programs and eight masters programs, while 2,323 came from the baccalaureate segment of the student population.

88 pupils also finished their basic education from the Laboratory School, with 47 from secondary

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Alumna makes history, now First Lady Mayor

The municipality invited some college officials to bear witness to the inauguration which coincided with the centennial year celebration of the municipality.

Dr. Lorna Cachero, who represented the college president at the inauguration, shared that the mayor started out as a police officer before becoming the executive assistant of the former mayor, her father Alberto Nicor.

Her ascent to the mayoralty position ensued after being a multi-awarded police officer and then EA who was endeared to the people, Dr. Cachero added.

Other college officials in attendance were Dr. Denesa Lamique, Extension director, Dr. Orlando Beñales, Research director, and Dr. Sally Cadiz, Research coordinator of the College of Industrial Technology./*ARB

Sorolla up for evaluation

Dr. Renato Sorolla’s four-year term as college president is set to end in July 2016.

The panel of evaluators headed by University of San Carlos president Fr. Dionisio Miranda arrived on June 29 and visited the other three campuses to assess performance.

They went to the Talisay Campus on June 30 to pay the president a courtesy call and to convene the committee for a caucus in preparation for the Interview with Representatives from Various Sectors of the Academic Community slated on July 2.

Dr. Sorolla is to be evaluated by checking his accomplishments against the plan of action he presented on the onset of his term, and he is also slated to present his future plans in the public forum with the stakeholders.

Interviews with students, alumni, community, faculty, and staff are pegged to triangulate and validate the claims made in his term-end report.

Among the major accomplishments of his term are the pronounced improvement in accreditation and the kingpin projects of three green technology buildings./*ARB

Disaster unit boosts response capability

The Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office headed by Dr. Joel Mijares sponsored the Capability Enhancement Training on Disaster Preparedness Response last May 18 to 21 at the Talisay Campus.

The theme of the training was “Heightening Disaster Preparedness and Response Competencies”, geared towards readying the personnel to respond to a wide range of disaster and risky situations with appropriate safety precautions and effective action.

Professional training instructors facilitated the four-day hands-on activities for the personnel sent in from the four campuses.

Dr. Zeaphard Gerhart Caelian, Special Operations Officer IV of the Department of Manpower, Development and Placement headed the operations, assisted by professional firefighters from the Bureau of Fire Protection and the Talisay Fire Station.

The disaster unit personnel were given training lectures and practical exercises over the course of four days to simulate real-life situations where their learnings can be useful and can actually save life and limb.

The capability building is a step up in preparing for untoward incidents such that personnel are not caught off-guard when their immediate response is needed./*ARB

Enrollment unfazed by grade 11 opening

At 2,298 strong, freshman enrolment remained relatively optimistic despite the start of grade 11 implementation this academic year 2016-2017.

The dip in numbers was not as much as initially anticipated despite most high school students heading to senior high this year instead of first year college.

The number owes itself to the College’s campaign to enjoin returnees, shiftees, and high school graduates from batch 2015 or earlier to enroll.

The freshman population saw a flux of lifelong learners seeking to go back to school to earn their degrees in spite of their prolonged absence from the school scenario due to poverty and other intervening circumstances.

This access to education gave the enrollees a new lease on life./*ARB

Psychology opens to good numbers

The newest degree program Bachelor of Science in Psychology opened with 49 freshmen last June 13 at the Talisay Campus.

This is a good number given that the program is freshly offered and unprecedented as the first BS degree in the School of Arts and Sciences and this year is also the start of K-11.

The program was issued the Certificate of Program Compliance on March 2, 2016 by the Commission on Higher Education, pursuant to the pertinent provisions of The Higher Education Act of 1994.

Dr. Joel Valencia was designated as the program coordinator and is to plan, organize, and periodically review the program’s activities to safeguard against revocation and to ensure compliance of its requirements./*ARB

Records disposes documents at MRF

Records Officer Mrs. Ma. Teresa Soguilon signed over the documents due for disposal to the Alijis Materials Recovery Facility last May 27.

All non-current records are turned over by the various offices to the Records Management Officer for storage, Mrs. Soguilon said.

Once these records exceed their retention period, they can already be disposed with the approval of the National Archives of the Philippines, she added.

Mr. Kit Toling, Records Management Analyst from the National Archives, came over to witness the disposal at the MRF to ensure protocol is followed as the records are turned over for possible recycling opportunities.

The disposed documents came from the following offices: Chief Administrative Officer; Human Resource Management; Records Management; Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation; Vice-president for Administration and Finance; Executive Directors;

New chief admin officer reiterates CSC policies

New chief administrative officer for the administration division, Mrs. Rosalinda Tuvilla, reiterated the policies of the Civil Service Commission on overtime pay and leave credits during the seminar on Advancing the Green Culture of CHMSC held last April 8 at the Nature’s Village Resort, Talisay City.

The chief administrative officer stressed that any staff who requested for overtime pay has to render at least two hours of service, should come on time, and should have completed the required 40 hours per week in order for the OT to be valid.

She also reminded the General Administrative and Support Staff that the CSC default mode for overtime work is compensatory time off, and that OT should not be used to offset any act constituting under-time./*ARB

Vice-president for Academic Affairs; Office of the President; Accounting; and Budget.

The disposal was also witnessed by members of the Commission on Audit, members of the Records Management Improvement Committee, Alijis executive director Dr. Mary Ann Dolor, and MRF coordinator Ms. Christine Bustamante./*ARB

Full Circle


Final three programs surveyed

Alijis and Fortune Towne undertook the last leg of accreditation last June 14 to 17 in their respective campuses.

Both had the first formal survey visit from the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities, Inc. for Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education in Alijis, and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Financial Management in Fortune Towne.

The three were the last remaining programs on post pre-survey status, following the successful re-accreditation of three programs in 2013 and the succeeding 27 programs in 2015.

The programs were the first in this College to be assessed with the outcomes-based education instrument.

For BSBA major in Financial Management, the accreditors commended the research team and library staff counterparts.

They also recommended the permanency of a doctor and a nurse for the Fortune Towne Campus.

For BTTE, they noted that instruction was enriched with eclectic teaching strategies and unified table of specifications based on Bloom’s and Anderson’s taxonomies.

They recommended the purchase of equipment for science laboratories and the installation of information and communication technology resources in the classrooms.

For BSIS, they had positive comments on the competence and dedication of the personnel, as well as the computer laboratories being able to cater to research needs.

A comment that cut across the programs was that the core faculty are in line with the fields they teach, and that there is a strong student development program.

They accreditors also recommended to raise the hourly rate of student assistants and to conduct tracer studies to determine the status of graduates.

“When we came here everybody had P-M-A. Positive Mental Attitude” Lead accreditor Dr. Amelita Indo said.

She noted that the faculty and staff exhibited good working attitude throughout the accreditation despite this time being more challenging due to the OBE instrument.

The results will be out in August and if positive, the College programs will have been 100 percent accredited by then./*ARB

PME presses for sounder OPCR, DPCR

Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation Director Engr. Jun-jun Marquez reiterated the proper way to plan out the performance and commitment review during the OPCR and DPCR Workshop last June 24 at the Campuestuhan Highland Resort.

“It is time to straighten our OPCRs and DPCRs,” the director urged, citing the repeated conduct of the workshop which should have already reduced erroneous entries.

The OPCR or Office Performance and Commitment Review of the college president should be cascaded proportionally to the different units, Engr. Marquez said.

Vice-presidents and executive directors should fill out the OPCR and then cascade them further down to the Division Performance and Commitment Review of the deans of the academic units and the administrative office directors, the director stressed.

The deans and directors are also supposed to cascade their DPCR to the Individual Performance and Commitment Review of the individual personnel under

their direct supervision.

If done correctly, OPCRs, DPCRs, and IPCRs should all cascade down from the college president, and also anchor up from the staff back to the college president in fulfillment of the major final outputs mandated of the school./*ARB

Money matters: sectors talk budget 2017

Imported from Japan

5S supposed to boost green culture

Top and middle managers attended a seminar on Advancing the Green Culture of CHMSC: The 5S Way last April 8 at the Nature’s Village Resort, Talisay City.

5S, a method borrowed from the Japanese, uses the keywords “sort”, “set”, “shine”, “standardize” and “sustain” as guides for maximizing resources and energy flow in an office or any work environment.

Senior Trade and Industry Development specialist Mae Buaron elaborated on the what’s and how’s of 5S.

Buaron shared that 5S is the most basic of all productivity tools and is the foundation of quality and productivity.

5S employee involvement and empowerment begins as a ground level initiative among the offices who will voluntarily do the sorting, setting, shining, standardizing and sustaining processes, she said.

Its effective use of resources and efficiency improvement is supposed to boost the green culture that the College has been pursuing.

In sort, employees are to divide office items into the usable and disposable ones, with those still usable set in order by making systematic arrangements.

To shine means to clean the workspace and keep it conducive and safe for the employees occupying it, while to standardize is maintaining the best practices to be consistently applied in keeping order in the office.

The final step is to sustain the harmony that has been created and to ensure that the systems put into place are used consistently over the long haul.

5S has the potential to help offices decongest their working spaces and maximize the use of time, energy, and materials./*ARB

Binalbagan relaunches improved facilities

Century Competence and Global Competitiveness in Education” to produce world class graduates./*ARB

RP Senator talks Higher Ed issues

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV gave a fast talk on issues during the Forum on Higher Education last April 19 at the Talisay Campus.

He discussed issues on K-12, retirement age and benefits of teachers, student safety, campus security, emergency management system, and also briefly touched on the West Philippine Sea status.

An open forum with the students followed his discussion.

The senator chairs the Committees on National Defense and Security, and Civil Service, Government Reorganization and Professional Regulation./*ARB

Binalbagan Campus relaunched some of its refurbished facilities in a Blessing and Inauguration Ceremony held last March 11.

Executive director Dr. Andrew Eusebio Tan led the series of blessing ceremonies, moving all over the campus to the various school buildings.

The main entrance gate has been repaired and improved to facilitate the ease of traffic in the campus.

The newly renovated cottage two building is now ready to receive guests on campus for various occasions and purposes.

The Home Economics and Livelihood

Education Lecture Room is now conducive for lively academic discussions and other classroom activities in the subject matter.

Four offices for the Student Center were also constructed inside the convention hall.

The new office spaces promote more productivity and efficiency for the occupants to finish assigned weekly tasks.

The campus also held Parangal 2016 to honor and recognize the faculty and staff who exhibited exemplary work performance and contributions in the interest of the school.

Parangal 2016 was themed “In fusing the 21st

Third green building soon to rise

A third green building is set to rise on the horizon of the Binalbagan Campus, following the lead of the green buildings nearing completion in the Alijis and the Talisay Campuses this 2016.

The building will house 14 academic classrooms in time for the influx of freshmen by 2018, and procurement is already underway, executive director Dr. Andrew Eusebio Tan relayed./*ARB

2,448 grads... From Page 3

education, 32 from elementary education, and 9 from preschool education.

The Laboratory school also held their separate moving up and graduation ceremonies.

Assistant Director-General and Chief of Staff Kenneth Tanate of the National Economic and Development Authority was commencement speaker for Binalbagan Campus.

Meanwhile, Board of Trustees member Cong. Roman Romulo graced the joint ceremony for the other three campuses.

Prior to the March graduation, 20 students also earned their degrees during the October 2015 period.

By summer 2016, another 13 students finished their undergraduate and graduate degrees, giving a total of 2,481 graduates in all levels for A.Y. 2015-2016./*ARB

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