CHMSC wins Second, Third Places in Interschool Robotics Competition

Carlos Hilado Memorial State College beams with pride at the Second Place finish of CHMSC-Binalbagan Team B and the Third Place finish of CHMSC-Alijis at the Fifth Interschool Robotics Competition held on August 27 at Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod.

Two other teams from the College also made it as Top Three finalists from the morning elimination rounds on August 26, the CHMSC-Binalbagan Team A and the CHMSC-Fortune Towne—bringing the odds in the school’s favor with all of its teams qualifying for the championship battles.

The four CHMSC teams beat out the multiple teams from the University of St. La Salle, Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod, and La Consolacion College-Bacolod, making it into the Championship Round Robin with only one other school, the Fellowship Baptist College which seeded two teams into the finals.

Second Place Winner CHMSC-Binalbagan Team B was comprised of Rhene Imperial, Michael Jan Sanier, and Kimberly Sanchez, with their coach Ruben Lladoc, Jr.

Third Place Winner CHMSC-Alijis was made up of Sherwin Dewara, Christianden Honradez, and Jeffred Lim, with their coach Neil Gabriel Esgra.

Finalists CHMSC-Binalbagan Team A consisted of Erickson Gayosa,

Jessie Ticar, Jr., and Christine Hope Gentroles, with their coach Jose Armin Maningo, Jr., while CHMSC-Fortune Towne was made up of Hermielyn Temesis, Rue Taganile, and Cesar John Gubac, with their coach Engr. Richard Pabelona, Jr.

Though the Fellowship Baptist College-Electronics Communication Engineering Team reigned supreme in the end, CHMSC hails its four-team attempt as a victory for the school’s drive for Outcomes-based Education.

Learning through competing is a good indicator of OBE because the students themselves build their robots and program them to do a wide array of movements and functions, clearly illustrating that the students can indeed do what they were taught to do through classroom instruction.

The school has recently purchased Roborobo kits for use in the technological advancement of its Information Technology, Information Systems, and Industrial Technology major in Computer Technology programs.

Additional Roborobo kits have been requested for procurement to ensure the vitality of the technology programs in all of the CHMSC campuses.

With more exploration in the field of Robotics this year, the school sets out to win a top-spot finish the next opportunity that comes along.

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