Enhance Community Quarantine

From the Office of the OIC President

Following the declaration of Governor Lacson on the Extension of Enhanced Community Quarantine(ECQ) in the entire Province of Negros Occidental until April 30, 2020, all campuses of Carlos Hilado Memorial State College will remain closed and all operation and activities except for our skeleton force handling very vital operations of the institution are still suspended until further notice

From the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (3rd Avisory, April 8, 2020)

To deans, faculty and students: We reiterate the need for all faculty to stay in touch with their students and to prepare and share learning materials (notes, presentations, references, guide questions, etc.) based on adjusted course syllabus and make these available to students through a variety of online platforms if possible and practicable. This may give chance to students to work on their course requirements without leaving their homes during quarantine period. The submission of requirements however will be upon resumption of classes with due consideration to thos without internet access at all.

To catch up with lssons and course coverage, the school will focus on the instructional deliveries and assessment, and will cancel co-curricular and extra-curricular activities when class resume. In addition, make up classes may also be conducted along with otther home-based learning activities and projects

The date of graduation may be Adjusted, if necessary. The holding or cancellation of graduation ceremony will depend on the national and provincial guidelines related to gathering of people or crowd in the light of COVID-19.

Constant Reminders

Stay at home!

  • Respect and follow extended ECQ guidelines.
  • Pray constantly for God's divine intervention, mercy and healing grace.
  • Do something meaningful and fulfilling within the confines of your home.

Students, take note!

  • Study all your course lessons.
  • Connect with your teachers and classmates either through text, email, Facebook, or any means accessible to you. Reach out with and encourage one another.
  • Learning is a shared responsibility. Be highly responsible for your own learning.
NEVER spread false and unverified information.

Be part of our CHMSCyanihan Kontra COVID-19 and help whenever and wherever you can.
Visit our Facebook Page and join us (facebook.com/groups/chmscyanihankontracovid19)

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