VPAA Advisory # 5, April 2, 2020
Attention: Faculty, Students, Staff, and JOs


On the premise that ECQ will be lifted in the Province of Negros Occidental by April 30, 2020, the following dates should be noted.

April 24       - Release of the Entrance Test results (First Batch)
May 2, 4, 5       - Conduct of rescheduled Entrance Test for the remaining Students-applications
May 4       - Faculty, GASS and JO’s reporting to duty

Noted Faculty should spend the two (2) days preparing for instructional strategies and materials to cope up with lost lessons. Psychology Faculty are requested to assist the Guidance in the conduct of entrance Test on May 4-5, 2020.

May 6       - Resumption of classes; All Students return to CHMSC
May 11       - Release of the Entrance Test Result (Second Batch)
May 12-18       - Processing of other Admission requirements in the Program and/or release of Admission slips.
May 20-22       - Enrollment of incoming First Year


Upon resumption of classes and personnel reporting to duty. The wearing of mask, scanning of temperature at the gate, social distancing in the campus (In or out of classroom) and hand spray of alcohol (entrance guard) will be strictly observed.


1. OJT Training and Internship. OJT students shall be sent back to the field.

Students undergoing OJT where they have been pulled out of their respective training centers and transferred to the College due to the ECQ should not be allowed to go back to their respective companies/officers. The total number of training hours earned in their respective training centers prior to the implementation to the ECQ shall be considered by the College.

CHMSC through OJT Coordinator shall exercise discretion flexible learning activities based on the established training plan of the program, to comply with the remaining number of required training hours. This should be done in consultation with the Dean and VPAA.

Alternative learning activities such as modules, self-directed learning activities, case studies, assignments or other related activities performed by the student-trainees in the offices/laboratories shall be part of the portfolio to be submitted by the trainees.

The OJT Coordinator shall be responsible in assessing the outputs of the student-trainees and in the computation and submission of their grades.

2. Graduation Dates and Requirements

Classes may be extended to not more than thirty (30) Days after May 30 especially for Board Courses. Hence, the date of Graduation may also be moved. Make up classes may likewise be conducted to cope up with lost lessons instead of extending classes up to June, faculty are required to employ relevant instructional strategies and other approaches to deliver quality instruction and to cover for the course requirements

3. Graduation Ceremony

Conducting Graduation rites will depend on the National/Provincial Guidelines in the gathering of people/crowd. If and when graduation ceremony is disallowed, the souvenir program will still be pursued.
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