Message from the President

It is my great pleasure and privilege to welcome you to CHMSC’s official website. Accept my deep appreciation for continuously taking interest in CHMSC and its programs and activities.

Recently, the challenges of the knowledge era of the 21st Century led me to think very deeply how educational institutions of higher learning must vigorously pursue relevant education to compete with and respond to the challenges of globalization. As an international fellow, I realized that in the face of this globalization and technological advancement, educational institutions are compelled to work extraordinary in educating the youths and enhancing their potentials for gainful employment and realization of their dreams to become effective citizens.

Honored and humbled to be given the opportunity for stewardship of this good College, I am fully aware that the goal is to make CHMSC as the center of excellence or development in various fields. The vision, CHMSC ExCELS: Excellence, Competence and Educational Leadership in Science and Technology is a profound battle cry for each member of CHMSC Community. A CHMSCian must be technologically and academically competent, socially mature, safety conscious with care for the environment, a good citizen and possesses high moral values. The way the College is being managed, the internal and the external culture of all stockholders, and the efforts for quality and excellence will result to the establishment of the good corporate image of the College. The hallmark is reflected as the image of the good institution.

The tasks at hand call for our full cooperation, support and active participation. Therefore, I urge everyone to help me in the crusade to provide wider access to CHMSC programs;

         * Harness the potentials of students thru effective teaching and learning methodologies and techniques;

         * Enable CHMSC Environment for All through secure green campus;

         * Advocate green movement, protect intellectual property and stimulate innovation;

         * Promote lifelong learning;

         * Conduct Research and Development for community and poverty alleviation;

         * Share and disseminate knowledge through publication and extension outreach to communities; and

         *Strengthen Institute-industry linkages and public-private partnership for mutual interest.

Together, WE can make CHMSC

         *A model green institution for Human Resources Development, a builder of human resources in the                                    knowledge era of the 21st Century;

         *A center for curricular innovations and research especially in education, technology, engineering, ICT and                          entrepreneurship; and

         *A Provider of quality graduates in professional and technological programs for industry and community.

Dear readers and guests, these are the challenges for every CHMSCian to hurdle and the dreams to realize. This website will be one of the connections with you as we ardently take each step. Feel free to visit often and be kept posted as we continue to work for discoveries and advancement that will bring benefits to the lives of the students, the community, and the world, as a whole.

Warmest welcome and I wish you well!



SUC President II

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