No student shall be denied admission to Carlos Hilado Memorial State College by reason of sex, ethnic consideration, religious belief or affiliation (Sec. 4, Batas Blg. 477), provided that every application for admission shall meet all the entrance requirements prescribed by the college or department to which he/she seeks enrollment.

1. Applicant for admission to the doctoral program must be a holder of master's degree from any recognized institution.

2. Applicant for admission to the master's degree program must be a holder of bachelor's degree or its academic equivalent from any recognized institution.

3. Applicant for admission for the college degree program, secondary and elementary level must be a secondary school graduate, elementary school graduate, and a preparatory school graduate, respectively, from any recognized institution.

4. The applicant must submit to the college/department concerned the following minimum requirements:

5. An applicant seeking admission shall take and pass both the written entrance examination and personal interview (Schedule of ENTRANCE Exam )

6. In the College of Education, an applicant seeking admission should also pass the Standardized Aptitude Test (SATT) to be qualified for the interview.

7. Admission of the students shall be decided upon by the dean/head of the college/department concerned.

8. Admission of transferees and returnees shall be decided upon by the dean/head of the college/department concerned, provided that they shall meet the admission requirements prescribed by the College.

Note: All submitted documents shall become the property of CHMSC; hence these are not to be returned to the students.