AANR Research Outputs


1. Extent of Use and Acceptability of Vernacular as Medium of Instruction (Ronora S. Malaga)

2. Teaching Aptitude and Teaching Demonstration Skills of Prospective Technology Teachers (Orlando Z. Beñales)

3. Green Environmental Management: CHMSC Practices (Eduardo G. Sayson Ma. Teresa B. Ballados)

4. The Microinvertebrates of the Ilog-Hilabangan River, Negros Occidental, Philippines (Leah L. Fernandez)

5. Tipping Coastal Environment Green Project: Community-Based Species Management Action for Near Threatened Ceriops decadra (Andrew D. Ordonio)

6. Characteristics of Ceriops decandra in Two Magrove Communities in the Philippines Southern Occidental Negros: Implications on Conservation (Andrew D. Ordonio)

7. Ecological Conservation of the Near Threatened Mangrove Species, Ceriops decandra: Setting Actions in Southern Negros Occidental (Andrew D. Ordonio)

8. Species-Specific Conservation Initiative: Still Checking and Counting Coastal Flora Diversity in Souther Negros Philippines (Imee R. Perante and Andrew D. Ordonio)


1. Wet Land Birds of Ilog-Hilabangan River Estuaries (Arlene M. Ebalde)

2. Lived Experiences in Teaching Grammar Among Alternative Learning System in Bacolod City (John Gerald A. Pilar)

3. Fish Farmer’s Attributes to Grouper Cage Culture Production in Negros Occidental, Philippines (Mario N. Abeto)

4. The Bantay Dagat Volunteers in Negros Occidental, Philippines: Why do they come, Why do they stay? (Mario N. Abeto and Andrew D. Ordonio)

5. Good Aquaculture Practices at Resources Production Technology, Incorporated: Basis for Extension Services Development (Roger Ray S. Manzano)

6. Livelihood Sustainability in Small Fishing Village in Pulupandan: Nending Fikter Net Issues (Imee R. Perante and Andrew D. Ordonio)

7. Cassava Root Meal Partially Replace Trash fish in Fattening Mudcrab (Andrew D. Ordonio)

8. Surfclam Fishery Management to Himamaylan City: Looking Beyond Sustainable Yield (Andrew D. Ordonio)

9. Crab Gill Netting in the Municipality of Binalbagan, Negros Occidental Philippines: A Management Option (Vivian D. Gayosa, Andrew D. Ordonio, and Noel N. Lebrilla)

10. Profitability of Fattening Mudcrab in Recycled Plastic Bottles (Vivian D. Gayosa & Andrew D. Ordonio)

11. Smoke Belching Receiver (Engr. Virgilio A. Aurelio)

12. Whirlybird Ventilator a Wind Powered Generator with a Sine Wave Inverter (Engr. Virgilio A. Aurelio)


1. High Stocking Density Culture of Milkfish, Chanos chanos, Forskal in Shallow Brackishwater Net Cages: A Feasibility (Mr. Noel Lebrilla, Andrew Ordonio, et. al.)

2. Ladyfishes of the Genus Elops in Negros Occidental, Philippines. (Mr. Andrew Ordonio, et. al.)

3. Innovative Products from Red Seaweed (Mrs. Rosebella L. Malo)

4. Multi-Purpose Refrigerator Cum Water Dispenser and Sterilizer (Engr. Virgilio A. Aurelio)

5. Enercon Stove (Engr. Virgilio A. Aurelio)

6. Socio-economic Dimensions and Farmers’ View on the Development of Oyster Farming in Negros Occidental, Philippines (Andrew D. Ordonio)

7. Fattening Commercially Important Crabs, Portunus pelagicus and Charbydis ferriata in Net Cages (Andrew D. Ordonio, et. al.)

8. Conserving Surfclams of Himamaylan City, Central Philippines: Rethinking Alternative Management strategies (Andrew D. Ordonio)

9. Supplementary or Alternative Livelihood? Seaweed Farming in Manjuyod Bay, Oriental Negros, Philippines (Andrew D. Ordonio)

10. Grouper (Epenephelus sp.) Pen and Cage Farming in Inland Waters: Issues and Constraints (Mario N. Abeto)

11. Two Species of Ladyfishes of the Genus Elops (Elopiformes: Elopidae) in Negros Occidental, Philippines (Andrew D. Ordonio and Imee R. Perante)

12. Mangrove-friendly Mudcrab Scylla Serrata, Forskal Culture: A Silvofishery Demonstration Project (Andrew Ordonio)

13. Food Processing and Livelihood Development Project (Arlene M. Ebalde, Renato B. Salmingo, and Edwin B. Villaruz)

14. Assessment of the Riparian Vertebrae Wildlife of the Ilog-Hilabangan River System: Terrestrial Vertebrate Component (Arlene M. Ebalde)

15. Breeding Bats of Ilog-Hilabangan River Basin (Arlene M. Ebalde)

16. Smokeless Charcoal Grill (Virgilio A. Aurelio)


1. Assessment of Mangroves of Enclaro, Binalbagan, Negros Occidental (Daisy G. Cari-an, R. S. Francisco, A.M. del Carmen, J. M. Gatilogo, R.N. Torrefranca, W.P. Grijaldo, L. M. Sarad and R. L. Malo)

2. Growth and Survival of Acclimatized Tilapia Fingerlings Raised to Juvenile State in Net Cages Fed Different Commercial Diets (Andrew Ordonio, Vicente Malo, and Desiderio E. Omen)

3. Participation to Action: Stakeholders Engagement in Marine Protected Area Management (Andrew Ordonio)

4. Individual Attributes of Fish Farmers in Grouper Cage Culture Production in Negros Occidental (Mario N. Abeto)

5. Utilization of Lampshell (Lingula ungulis) into Value Added Products (Daisy Carian, Sheryl Ballera, Aiza Gamposilao, Rosebella L. Malo)

6. Smoke Belching Control Device (Virgilio A. Aurelio)

7. Coastal Area Assessment of Enclaro, Binalbagan, Negros Occidental (Daisy Cari-an)

8. Electric Blow Torch (Virgilio A. Aurelio)

9. Checklist of Mangroves in the Estuarine Side of Ilog-Hilabangan River Basin (Andrew D. Ordonio)

10. Motives and Incentives of Adult Volunteers: The Case of the Coastal Law Enforcers in Sipalay City (Andrew D. Ordonio)

11. The Effect of Green Mussel Pernaviridis as Biofilters in the Reduction of Turbidity in Prawn Pond (Mario Abeto)

12. Acceptability and Economics of Innovative Products from Gulaman Powder (Heidee Taleon, Helen Alvarez, Daisy Cari-an and Rosebella Malo)

13. Farmers’ Adoption Process of Homestead Tilapia Culture Project (Andrew D. Ordonio)

14. Innovation on Transporting Milkfish (Chanoschanos Forskal) Fingerlings for Stocking in Modular Marine Cages: Improving Efficiency through Partnership (Andrew D. Ordonio, Roger Ray S. Manzano)


1. Alternative Printing Press for Screen Printing (Armando R. Reosura) [Wooden Printing Station]

2. Biomass Shredder Machine (Ronnie P. Iwayan)

3. Management of Crown of Thorns Starfish (Acanthaster Planci) (Andrew D. Ordonio)

4. Sensory Evaluation of Shrimp-Enriched Pandesal (Andrew D. Ordonio, Daisy G. Cari-an, Leowell H. Raquinel)

5. Fattening Mudcrab (Scylla serrata) with Bilaterally Ablated Eyestalks in Cell-Type Bamboo Cages (Andrew D. Ordonio, Noel N. Lebrilla, Vicente M. Malo)

6. Crab Gill Net Fishery in the Municipality of Binalbagan, Negros Occidental (Andrew D. Ordonio, Noel N. Lebrilla)

7. Feasibility of Low Volume High Density Culture of Milkfish (Chanos chanos, Forsskal) in Floating Net Cages at North Bais Bay, Oriental Negros (Roger Ray S. Manzano, Peter Uy & Renato H. Ganancial, Jr.)

8. Tangab Fishery in Pulupandan, Negros Occidental

9. Acceptability of Bottled Tilapia in Spanish Style (Andrew D. Ordonio, Noel N. Lebrilla)

10. Concordance of Taste Panelists to Hedonic Scores on Mackerel in Tomato Sauce: Basis for Quality Selection of Taste Panelist (Andrew D. Ordonio, Noel N. Lebrilla)

11. Fuel Saver & Anti-Pollution Device (Enhancement) (Alfredo M. Eliza)

12. Factors Affecting Volunteerism in the Bantay Dagat Program in Negros Occidental (Andrew D. Ordonio)


1. Women in Fisheries in Nabuswang (Andre D. Ordonio)

2. High Volume Low Density Culture of Milkfish (Chanos chanos Forsskal) in Floating Net Cages at North Bais Bay Manjuyod-side, Negros Oriental. (Roger Ray S. Manzano, Peter Uy & Renato H. Ganancial, Jr.)

3. Management Practices of Grouper Cage Culture in Negros Occidental (Mario N. Abeto)

4. Financial Analysis and Risk Management of Grouper Cage Culture Systems in Negros Occidental (Mario N. Abeto)


1. The Effects of Commercial Feeds on the Growth, Survival and Conversion Ratio of Orange Spotted Grouper (Ephinephelus coioides Hamilton) Reserved in Tanks and Cages (Vicente M. Malo, Mario N. Abeto)

2. The Effects of Green Mussels (Perna Vindis) as Biofixes in the Reduction of Turbidity in Intensive Prawn Ponds (Mario N. Abeto)

3. Jatropha Oil Extractor Project (Ronnie P. Iwayan, Raquel A. Akol, Mary Grace B. Nacionales, Renato B. Salmingo)

4. Indigenous Technical Knowledge on the Mudcrab Fishery (Andre D. Ordonio, Noel N. Lebrilla)

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