Excellence in producing highly skilled, well-qualified, and globally competitive ITE graduates.


Committed to provide affordable and high quality education for the training and development of ITE professionals equipped with the technological knowledge and skills responsiveness to the demands of both local and international communities.


The Institute of Information Technology aims to:

1. Produce graduates appropriately skilled and responsive to the needs of the ever fast changing trends in the ITE.

2. Develop creative innovators with the confidence and courage to seize and transform opportunities for the benefit of the society.

3. Provide continuous specialized faculty training and professional development.

4. Acquire, implement and utilize technologies to support for the instructional, administrative, research and development,and extension needs.

5. Provide students with all the resources to enrich their educational experience in order to pursue careers as ITE professionals in industry, business and services.

6. Be acknowledged as one of the best SUC in the field of ITE in the region.